Effing It with Ezra Zaid

On a table with not one, not two, but three hosts! Sheryl Ho is joined by co-host, Nicholas Chan (Mr Yellowshorts himself!) in speaking to Ezra Zaid, host of Popteevee’s “That Effing Show” and the Evening Edition on BFM.

Sheryl & Nicholas speak to Ezra about him as a person and how he came to be a part of Popteevee and ‘That Effing Show’. How did the ideas come about and what drew Ezra to this. Ezra believes in having a sense of humour which leads him to come up with the hilarious sketches on That Effing Show.

Being his dad’s (Dato’ Mohd Zaid Ibrahim) son, Ezra believes that his dad played an instrumental part in what Ezra does now. Social media is changing the landscape of today’s youth and their ability to voice out their personal opinions. Ezra voices his own take on how social media now can and will affect everything.

His creative take on social media is definitely one that is refreshing to the ears of our listeners.