Getting Lean Effortlessly

Stevie, founder of the LeanFactor Program, has supported people for years in becoming lean and healthy without the need for rigid dieting, exercise, magic pills and/or potions.  Jana and Stevie uncover some of the myths about weight loss, and look into a more sustainable method for people so they can lose weight and keep it off without needing to work hard for it.

Tune in to the 2nd part of this 2 part series to see how the mindset and ‘the space one comes from’ when losing weight is important.

The LeanFactor© Method

In theory, nature intended nutrition to be a certain way.  The way the body works has not changed for thousands of years, but due to recent technological advances, the way humans eat has changed.  We went from eating all-natural bio-available meats, fruits, vegetables and grains to eating processed and chemically modified foods.  The obesity epidemic is, in my opinion, a mere symptom for this dramatic change in daily consumption.  The good news is that the body can handle this change, and as long as a person is willing to help out the body through eating foods from nature (and not the deep-fried things) and other sustainable practices, the body can and will course-correct on its own.