The Healing Power of Qi Gong with Maryna

Maryna, a Qi Gong practitioner, has been practicing Qi Gong for 6 years. During this episode Maryna tells the physically painful story of how she was introduced to Qi Gong and how it has changed her life and the lives of countless others for the better.

Tune in to see not only the benefits of Qi Gong, but positive by-products, how to live a resistant-free life, and about a beautiful center in China with a 95% success rate of rehabilitating patients.


Maryna Allan is an international Teacher, Speaker and Healer and the owner of “Be The Change Energy Center” in Los Angeles, CA. 

She is a Qigong Instructor and Certified “Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner” teaching the work of Donna Eden– renowned teacher and author of the book “Energy Medicine”, which is published in 15 languages.

Maryna helped to found the new Hexianju Qigong Center in Hainan, China where she takes groups on Qigong Retreats.  She has extensive training in Qigong from the National Medical Qigong Training Base in Beidaihe, China as well as in Hainan.

As an educator she directed children’s programs in Hawaii for 20 years before moving to Los Angeles.  Maryna has been giving consultations for over 30 years and has worked in the field of Energy Healing for 18 years and holds a BA in Physical Education and MFA in Dance.