Krushna Prabaskar: The Gift of Blindness

For this edition of Moments with Yellowshorts, our Yellowshorts@Nicholas speak to Mr. Krushna Prabaskar; a blind man with a special talent for sharing his life and insights with whomever he meets.

Krushna is no average blind person, he is also a banker with an international Canada goose Discount
Canada Goose Outletbank here in Malaysia; he went blind 8 years ago and has been living in the dark ever since. But it has not deterred this very vibrant man to exude so much confidence and love even in his seemingly dark prospect and future.

He has turned his “disability” into a positive outlook on life and the will to live out his dreams of being a coach. He shares that being blind has made him a better salesperson with the bank and opened his eyes to not judging his customers and has allowed him to accept what he sees in life as it is and not look at it with lenses of our own creation.

He does not attribute his blindness as a curse but more of a gift, a gift that has allowed him to see and LIVE life the way he wants to and to share his inspiring story with the world.

In this podcast, Krushna shares his personal insights with Nicholas on being blind and how it has influenced his life.