The Kindness Project: One Kind Story at A Time


In this edition of Moments with Yellowshorts, Nicholas speaks with the founders of the Kindness Project, Ng Khai Yong and Chin Xin-Ci. The Kindness Project was started with the altruistic intent to propagate positive energy of kindness amongst the current wave of negative energy on the social media and traditional media realm.

The origins of this very interesting venture started with the near-tragedy that Xin-Ci experienced when she was she was nearly kidnapped from a local shopping mall but managed to escape the clutches of her would-be kidnappers; what happened canada goose parka mens sale next was Xin-Ci sharing her experience with the rest of the entire world through social media channels, which she feels started a wave of negative feedback on the state of crime in Malaysia.

Personally feeling responsible, she and Khai Yong started the Kindness Project by allowing common Malaysians or even global citizens to share stories of kindness, goodwill and harmony on the Kindness Project Facebook page.

In this inspiring podcast of 2 people trying to make a difference no matter how small it may be perceived. Khai Yong and Xin-Ci share their personal hopes for the Kindness Projectcanada goose jackets sale online and we hope that their venture will serve its ultimate purpose in promoting kindness and goodwill in Malaysia and also the world.