SoularFlares to Vibrate Your Soul

In this latest installment of the Omnilight Show, Kum Gheng spoke to Stephanie van Driesen who will be performing in her own show called SoularFlares which will be held on 24 November 2012 at PJ Live Arts Theatre.

There is magic in sound; its frequencies and vibrations heal and transform at the deepest levels. The soul has its own hidden music, waiting to flare and light up in song. We are all, within ourselves, singers and dancers listening out patiently for our favourite tune to live to.

SoularFlares is a unique and ground-breaking show that will heal and transform, while also being highly entertaining. Probably the first of its kind, experience a new genre on a contemporary stage and be an active part of an event you will never forget.

SoularFlares is about coming together through the medium of music for soul awakening. The songs and musical tones generated are designed to have a transformative aspect, bringing both artist and audience into the realms of imagination, stirring the senses, as a doorway into the inner passages of mind, emotion and feeling, where revelation & catharsis can take place. It is a combination of original songs, music, meditation & sound healing. All great music does this, but what makes this production different is its focus on the transformative/healing quality that is beyond creed or religion, and seeks to unite both artiste and audience in sharing some experience of the soul; allowing both to reach new heights of self-realization and unconditional understanding.

Stephanie is an award-winning multi-talented singer, theatre actress, dancer, and budding songwriter/lyricist. She has appeared locally and internationally in plays, musicals, concerts, music album recordings and has lent her voice to many voice-overs, experimental vocal workshops and sound healing therapies. The healing work she does is “sound healing through the voice” – a transmission of healing energy similar to Reiki, through the medium of sound and voice.

Credits include:

Guest vocalist for 2012 Georgetown Arts Festival Gala, OperaViva Singapore, as Sally Bowles in PAN Productions’ “Cabaret”(2011), Betty in “The Secret Life of Nora” (2011 – Enfiniti Vision Media), Nicole in “Apocalips” (2011 – Catwoman Productions), Desdemona in Shakespeare’s “Othello” (2011 – Masakini Theatre Company), “Songstress” – a workshop performance with Rhythm in Bronze Gamelan group (2012). Upcoming performances in November 2012: Featured Vocalist for the Royal Arts Gala and MPO’s “Final Fantasy – Distant Worlds.”