An Education for the Heart and Soul

Bridget’ vision for the future is one of hope not the darkness, horror and strive of the last 100 years but the beauty of the human spirit. She is absolutely convinced that when we are open to guidance from above, together we can create that world of truth.

It’s important to note that we all can begin from where we are right now. Mahatma Gandhi said every time you point a finger out there, you are pointing three fingers to yourself; in other words whatever changes you wish to see in the world first one must bring about change in one’s own life, in doing so one have to one’s own mind and heart.

Human hearts have become very cold and the human heads very hot, it is time to turn it around to make our hearts warm, compassionate and loving; and our heads cool, stable and clear.

Parting thoughts for reflection, learn to keep the heart warm and the head cool.

Voiced by Preeya Selvarajah
Production of CAD Music