How to Find your Superstars?

This podcast is a collaboration with Spark Activators (ActionCoach) and Turning Green to feature SME-Accelerate Workshop. For this segment we focus on How to Find your Superstars? with Maresa Ng, Managing Director, Certified Business & Executive Coach


Workshop Series is a series of workshops that assists SMEs to address gaps and problems that they face in everyday business. Two

of the biggest challenges faced by SMEs today among many, are shortage of (good) manpower, and lack of funding to support growth. Why Workshops? – Simple.

The aim is to teach and give SMEs a head start on how to handle the problem.

ActionCOACH Spark Activators

ActionCOACH Malaysia is part of a global company based in the United States, and has

been incepted in Malaysia since year 2000. ActionCOACH Malaysia has reached out through its teams of business coaches, to thousands of SMEs and businesses in Malaysia.

ActionCOACH is focused on creating a better quality of life for entrepreneurs and business owners through better business.