Awakening with Aurora

In the lead up to the 21 December Awakening Countdown, we had the pleasure of talking to Yvette Sitten, a modern-day alchemist via Skype and this podcast is co-hosted by Sheliza, who herself a former TV newscaster.

Both discussed on the prominence of the date and also what is to come. There will be a channeling by Goddess Isis, Aurora and Guan Yin through Yvette.

About Yvette Sitten

Her soul path was revealed through the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and Mu. Her extensive research into healing and ancient secrets of spirituality culminated in the creation of Aurora Alchemy, the global brand of goddess oils which have created an overnight sensation in Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

An activator and awakener of the divine potentials that lie hidden within us all, Yvette has been shown the key to trigger these dormant seeds through the ancient technologies she carries with her. She is here to witness and assist in the creation of Heaven on Earth.

Trained in shamanism, goddess magic, reiki, nature meditation, kundalini yoga, Hindu goddess culture, Buddhism, Isis Lotus Healing and various goddess Mystery Schools, all the training was gifted by the Universe and many teachers. In 2007, Yvette was initiated as a High Priestess in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

A journalist by training, and a writer by passion, the television presenter and producer is a founder of Wayward Media, a television content and production house that specializes in goddess tv and spiritual conscious media.

Yvette’s extensive journalistic career has included the world’s leading channels and publications such as CNBC Asia, where she was Head Producer for Asian Working Woman, the first regional show for women leaders; The Sunday Times UK; National Geographic Channel; Discovery Channel; Time Out Magazine, Elle Magazine….and the list goes on…

Yvette is here to bring forth the ideals of the Goddess Movement, to bring awareness to the Divine Feminine and to guide the Earth back to wholeness. Her healings and readings are sought after wherever she is, and take place in up to 4 countries every year. A skilled oracle and palmist, Yvette has read for celebrities such as Ewan McGregor, Anna Friel, Glen Goei, Ivan Heng, Zahim Albakri and many others.