Conversations with Achik is proud to announce that we have been selected as one of the Online Media Partner for the upcoming Malaysia Social Media Week 2013. It’s an amazing feat, considering that we started with just a Twitter account back in 2011 and this would not have been possible without YOU!

That is why here at The motivationMY Show, we want to feature individuals with amazing stories. They may not necessarily have to be celebrities or well-known personalities, but they are an influencer in their own circle.

Meet Ezamudin Safie, or better known in the Twitter world as @achik_ezam. Follow him on Twitter you’ll know how much a fun person he is.

We invited Achik (that’s what we often call him!) to talk about friendship because he has the qualities of a good friend and that was evident during a recent incident.

Here is Achik’s story: He came to #twtupIM – a gathering that was co-organized by and in August – with a friend, Erin Affian Alias (Erfian). However, just weeks after the event, Erfian fall ill. Achik would take care of Erfian after work and as often as he could. As we scroll through our Twitter timeline, Achik remained strong and provided us with updates on Erfian’s condition.

the late Erfian and Achik (right) at TwtupIM

On August 8th, 2012, Erfian passed away.

Devastated, Achik also took the unexpected decision to quit his day job (Latest update! Good news – Achik is now back at work with a cool title of “PR/Social Media Manager”)

In this podcast, Achik talked about his friendship with Erfian and the importance of having friends. In this fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up with “important matters” but making the effort and showing up for our friends are just as important!