Conversations with Maclean Patrick

The motivationMY Show host Syafique has always wanted to write a book (that was part of his 2012 resolutions) but as we draw to an end to this year, whatever happened to that?

Well, if one is not ready to write a book, then interview an author instead!

Sarawak-based IT officer, author and writer Maclean Patrick joined Syafique via skype on this new episode of The motivationMY Show. Mac, as he is affectionately known, began writing at a very young age. At 9, a local daily published his letter and it took off from there. He took the next big step by finishing his manuscript in 3 months. The only problem: he wasn’t familiar with the publishing industry.

After being rejected by several publishers, Alaf 21, a division of Karangkraf Media Group, accepted and agreed to publish his book (but of course, the confirmation email was inside the spam folder and luckily Mac gave the publisher another call).

“Jasmines on the 4th floor” was published in 2008 and followed by “The Bicycle” two years later. A third book is still in the works.

“I’ve always been afraid of being rejected by publishers,” said Syafique. Mac’s advice: “We all have to deal with rejections. Write from the heart and START WRITING!”

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