Message of Dec 2012: The Gifts this Transition is Giving Us

This podcast is a discussion with Ahana Lara on what to expect post 21 Dec 2012.

Ahana Lara will be sharing the following with the listeners:

The Dec 2012 alignments (12-12-12 and 21-12-12) and the cosmic window of 21-23 Dec 2012 gives us some great gifts and new directions. Amidst the excitement of this shift, Ahana Lara would like to highlight a few things that assists us in the transition

1. The shift is happening very quickly and we have to keep pace by keeping our balance

2. We are moving into becoming creators or our lives and co-creators of the world so we have to stay in our power of neutrality to create in the higher spiral of experience and not the lower spiral of ego

3. We are also in the process of integrating our soul templates and the cosmic window is giving us a great gift to facilitate this initiation

4. We have be be in the universal flow and remain in universal trust as we go through these changes

As we are moving through this alignment and into a new cycle of creation, where feminine energies balance the masculine energies within ourselves, keep your heart open, feel the love and peace, and embrace the connection to your higher self, which gets stronger as we go through our integration, giving us more clarity on our soul alignments and soul purpose.

As the messages come in, Ahana Lara will be putting out free meditations and SKYPE classes/podcasts throughout 2013.

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