I Found My Long-Lost Dad

In this edition of Moments with Yellowshorts, Nicholas speaks to Ms. Evelyn Leong who runs a very successful party and balloon gift delivery business, fully contented in her very fulfilled life, and filled with a wonderful familycanada goose jackets cheap and opportunities.

Yet, Evelyn struggles with a nagging question everyday of her life since she was a young girl, “Where is my father?”

Evelyn grew up without a father and it has been a source of curiosity for her throughout her life. So one day a few years ago, she woke up one day and decided to go look for her father. But the problem was the only thing she had with her to assistCanada Goose Outlet in her quest was his name, an identification card number and that he was Singaporean.

Thus her long awaited search begins to unfold and we here at inspire with a great ear for a cracking super story will tell you it’s a he’ll of a quest.

We will not spoil the whole plot as we invite you to listen to Evelyn’s inspiring true story.