Poseidon Speaks: 21 Dec 2012 – The Quickening of Times

The Quickening of Times, as marked by December 21 of year 2012, is finally upon us. And we look to this day as a day of joy and hope, as the Gateways to the Stars reopen to us, and all higher vibrations become available to us. We are now able to access greater capacities of love, kindness, and joy — and creation of Miracles.

For many, the physical bodies have yet been prepared, and so we offer to you this means of preparing the Oceanic Body within you, which comprises the calcium of the physical spine and bones, all cellular tissue, blood and its streams, all DNA structures. Special attention will also be given to the Medulla Oblongata of the brain, which is the link to the Akashic Records and all Blueprints.

Sherwin Ng is a channel for Poseidon and Isis of Early Atlantis, and is now guided to offer activations for self-healing and reconnection to the Star Gates and Atlantis – activation and expansion that is expected to occur at a more physical and cellular level, with special focus on the human Oceanic Body. He also works closely with the shamanic element of Earth, the Tibetan wisdom of Air, and the transformational Fire of Egypt.

Sherwin is the founder of House of Kite.