Innovation Partnership with Asia Business Centre, University of Nottingham

For this segment, Chris speak to Mike Carr, Director, Business Engagement and Innovation Services and Jason Feehily, Head-Asia Business Centre, Financial & Business Services from the Asia Business Centre, University of Nottingham.

It is a common perception that you can never learn entrepreneurship in any university as it is too “lively” a subject to be structurally taught as a formal education. Entrepreneurship belongs to the school of hard knocks rather than the institutionalised academy. That however does not suppress the enterprising intention of an university to practise entrepreneurship and educate its students in action.

Just like the legend of Robin Hood that

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help the poor and the needy with his most enterprising method, the University of Nottingham has inherited the same spirit with its effort to take its research and innovations to the next level with commercial exploitation. This is the perfect marriage of academic excellence with the marvel of entrepreneurship. One can either incubate or cherry picking to take the next work beater for a run of their money. To facilitate that, the University of Nottingham has set up the Asia Business Centre to take on the economic hot spots in this part of the world.

The Asia Business Centre at The University of Nottingham supports innovation partnerships and knowledge-transfer programmes across their Malaysia, China and UK campuses and other offices throughout the region.

It works with national and regional governments and with businesses to create new opportunities and manage ongoing links and relationships. It aims to demonstrate value to UK stakeholders through benefits to local and national economies, student experience and local communities.

For more information please visit Asia Business Centre of contact Jason Feehily