The Art of NLP: Introduction

The first episode in The Art of NLP, Andreas introduces the listener to the history of NLP and how it came to life in California in the 1970s. There is much mystery around the past of this fascinating tool for human transformation that gains rapid recognition across the world.

With humour, he shares how the name NLP might have come about – nobody actually really knows -, but also, what happened in the early days of NLP, when the early developers met therapists such as Milton Erickson, or Virginia Satir.

Many of the main contributors and developers are mentioned and to mind comes Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Tad James, but also people such as Anthony Robbins.

He talks about challenges and problems that people face. Andreas indicates how NLP can empower them to take charge of their own life so that they are able to design their life the way they want and deserve it while have fun all the

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Aside of this, Andreas also shares his own personal story and indicates the frustrations he had in his former job that ultimately led him to NLP and to founding his own company, Asia Mind Dynamics.

You can contact Andreas for more information at or the website