The Art of NLP: Unconscious Mind

In this segment for the Art of NLP, Andreas introduces us to the power of the unconscious mind and how NLP works with the

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unconscious mind to create desired changes in a person’s behaviour.

Nearly everybody is aware that they have an Unconscious- and a Conscious Mind. But many people believe that most of their actions are conscious and that the Unconscious Mind is playing more of a minor part.

But this is a myth! See, anyone who ever tried to lose weight or give up smoking through sheer willpower will have realised that it is hard to do and takes lots of effort exhibited over a long period of time. And even then, most people fail to achieve their goals. This is because somewhere in the Unconscious Mind runs a programme that prevents this desired change from happening.

The Unconscious Mind is the seat of our values, beliefs and emotions. It is powerful is as such it assists in achieving or preventing us from reaching our goals. Once we understand how the Unconscious Mind functions in general but also for the individual, everything in life becomes so much easier.

By learning NLP, people do not only understand the workings and the power of the Unconscious Mind, but they learn how to initiate changes at the Unconscious Mind so that these changes are instant and permanent.

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