Four in Love: Money Ceiling

Some people may find that they do not really have challenges with money as they have enough to use and some leftover to save up. Some may be happy, some may not be. There seems to be a limit as to how much they can earn or save. Money ceiling. What is the money ceiling? An invisible barrier we set ourselves that is limiting us in our financial abundance. Limiting thoughts about money; limiting beliefs; judgment. Not deserving of earning more money or having more money. Guilt about earning more than peers. Fear of getting out of comfort zone to earn that extra money. In this episode we talk about how the money ceiling can affect us in our life and where it came from and give some insight into how to break through the money ceiling and attract greater financial abundance.

BodyMaitre is a bodies-awareness system that enables us to communicate with our four bodies to find out what is blocking us in various aspects of our life. In BodyMaitre, you learn to communicate with your body employing the method of dowsing with a pendulum and a set of charts to identify the negative energies, negative emotions and negative programming that is blocking us from achieving our highest potential.

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