Four in Love: Relationship Between The Four Bodies and Money

This week we explore common energies and blocks with respect to money; how to have a better relationship with money in order to overcome challenges with money and attract financial abundance. Many people have challenges with money – spending more than they earn and running into debt. Some people feel cheated because of problems caused by money challenges.

Money challenges also lead to other challenges – problems with family; relationship problems; and stress, which could lead to health challenges. We need money to survive in this world. Therefore, so as not to sabotage ourselves in the money department, we must have a better relationship with money and therefore important to know how our 4 bodies feel about money.

BodyMaitre will assist you to find out the energies that you are holding in your four-body system which is causing you to have blocks and issues with money. Once we gain a better understanding of our 4 bodies’ relationship towards money and how we can have a better relationship with money, we will attract financial abundance.

BodyMaitre is a bodies-awareness system that enables us to communicate with our four bodies to find out what is blocking us in various aspects of our life. In BodyMaitre, you learn to communicate with your body employing the method of dowsing with a pendulum and a set of charts to identify the negative energies, negative emotions and negative programming that is blocking us from achieving our highest potential.

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