Freedom Speaks: At Peace with Susan Kwok I

Have you felt a deep sense of lost even though your business is thriving?

Have you cried for no reason at all, even when you were watching cartoon?

Have you suffered from chronic backache or you are constantly physically drained?

After 10 years of phenomenal success in the corporate space as a Business Management Consultant, Susan experienced a major burnout. She was confused, she felt lost and she was helpless. After a few years of struggling emotionally, she decided to quit her work. While on a much needed holiday, she encountered the miracle of self-healing. Since this encounter with what she refers to as ‘Destiny’, she continued learning various modalities on self-healing and holistic growth. This led her to facilitating her own self-healing process and the beginning of her journey to rediscover her truth and purpose.

Susan is an accomplished presenter, public speaker and business performance trainer. With over a decade of experience in facilitating seminars and workshops, Susan has a unique talent in being able to connect with her audience with empathy and compassion. It is her personal life story, however, that is a true miracle behind what she teaches.

Today, facilitating total health and wellness for individuals and corporations is a part of that journey. Advocating for a life of holistic attitude and conscious actions, her work at The Peace Clinic is expressed through her own learning experiences and know-how in holistic aromatherapy, process oriented psychology, mind-body science, personal development and self-healing to inspire individuals and corporations towards physical health, emotional self-love, mental clarity and spiritual consciousness.

Susan is a trained therapist for The Peace Process Programme and practices out of The Peace Clinic ( in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has also been appointed as a consulting therapist at the world’s first 6 star fully organic spa resort – ‘The Chateau’ which is located in the hills of Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia. Susan holds a Master Degree in Information Technology.