Freedom Speaks: At Peace with Susan Kwok II

Make Peace with Stress is all about having a holistic yet practical perspective about stress and other psychological conditions. With this new perspective, instead of fearing or fighting to avoid stress, we increase our awareness and willingness to learn that stress is truly an invitation to be a better version of ourselves, allowing each of us to make peace with stress.

The basis

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of this new perspective stems from the fact that stress is created by our own internal elements, which are behaviour, thoughts, emotions & senses. When any one or more of these elements are blocked, we will experience stress. This is the trigger that invites us to reflect and relearn new ways to interact with each of our internal elements, allowing us to grow into better versions of ourselves.

At The Peace Clinic, a 3-step model is used to assist clients on how to make peace with stress. The process starts with a Stress Assessment to assist both Client and Therapist with a deeper understanding of the issues experienced by the client. From the assessment, a personalised 12-week learning program is developed. Step 2 is where the Therapist supports the Client in unlearning old skills and relearning new life skills to heighten the senses, release the emotions, reframe the thoughts, and flexing the behaviour. Step 3 requires the Client to continuously review and maintain a healthy lifestyle, specifically in the areas of breathing, drinking water, diet, exercise, sleep, posture, relaxation.

Susan Kwok is a psychotherapist at The Peace Clinic ( where her work involves supporting individuals to better manage psychological issues (such as stress, anxiety and depression) and actively promoting total health & wellness to groups and corporations. In this session, she provides a new perspective of what is stress, what causes stress and a beneficial 3-step model on how you can ‘Make Peace with Stress’.