Freedom Speaks: A Colourful Life with Cornelius Chan I

Are you happy with what you do everyday?

Are you doing your work but feel you should be somewhere else?

Do you think having the academic qualifications and a stable job lead you to life fulfilment?

Cornelius did not think so. After graduating with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cornelius started his apprenticeship as a Viral Epidemiologist in a laboratory. He was excited to do research about viruses and the cause of viral infection. After a few years, he realized that apart from having in his hands the results of his research data, he could not do anything more to alleviate human sufferings. What can he do with the data? People still get sick and there is never a finding for a cure for each illness. He was disillusioned, distracted and dismayed.

A chance encounter with the United Nations Development Program took him to a journey of self-discovery. As a trainer with UNDP’s Community Capacity Enhancement, Cornelius began to unearth the purpose in life he was meant to become.

Now, as a creative life coach, Cornelius has the twist and turn of a life celebrated daily with colours and colourful experiences. It is the rainbow journey of a ColourFool as he calls it; the name of the creative life coaching program that he personally founded. Listen to his stories of how he found his authentic life purpose. Also, his quest in discovering the root of physical and psychological diseases along with the therapeutic tools that assist in the healing process quickly and effectively. Now he is an advocate of natural remedies and mind-body medicine.

More on Cornelius Chan, the founder of ColourFool Creative Life Coaching Training Program. He is an expert on the hidden language of colour and its relationship with human. A graduate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology then ventured into viral epidemiology and social epidemiology of HIV/AIDS.

He is also a trainer for UNDP’s Community Capacity Enhancement through Community Conversation. A practitioner of natural remedies & therapies and an advocate of mind-body medicine. His specialty lies within the investigation of human psyche and its implication on one’s health. Transforming life’s traumatic experiences into treasure chest of virtues and positive qualities; these then allows one to fully embrace their own life purpose, living authentically and creating a new future in life.

As a ColourFool, the journey is always new and exciting, full of colours; equipped with all that is needed in life to take life experience as it is. Nothing more and nothing less, just it!