Freedom Speaks: A Colourful Life with Cornelius Chan II

Cornelius Chan, a Creative Life Coach, explores his personal journey through the entire spectrum of the rainbow. Consequently, the learning about colours changed his life. Colors become the tools that reflect the evolving consciousness of a human being. He sees colours as the primitive language of mankind; he uses them to coach a person back to health, wealth and loving relationships. Here is his story of his amazing journey of self transformation and transmutation.

The root of human suffering (physical/psychological) lies within the epigenetics of oneself. Cornelius knows that the only way to live in a healthy world is to make sure that everyone is healthy on all levels. For those who are willing to help themselves, he has formulated a unique coaching program that is centered in realizing one’s life purpose. The coaching program focuses on empowerment and tapping into one’s own inner resources through creative activities and exercises. ColourFool Creative Life Coaching Training Program signifies the journey of a “fool” in a whole new world, experiencing everything with an open heart and an open mind. This unique life coaching training is often termed by students as “fool proof”, which anyone and everyone can pick it up and jive it to your own taste and style. A comprehensive training that encompasses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person formulating a transformative experience. Colors and art creations become a very important language in communicating the hidden messages of the unconscious mind.

More on Cornelius Chan, the founder of ColourFool Creative Life Coaching Training Program. He is an expert on the hidden language of colour and its relationship with human. A graduate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology then ventured into viral epidemiology and social epidemiology of HIV/AIDS.

He is also a trainer for UNDP’s Community Capacity Enhancement through Community Conversation. A practitioner of natural remedies & therapies and an advocate of mind-body medicine. His specialty lies within the investigation of human psyche and its implication on one’s health. Transforming life’s traumatic experiences into treasure chest of virtues and positive qualities; these then allows one to fully embrace their own life purpose, living authentically and creating a new future in life.

As a ColourFool, the journey is always new and exciting, full of colours; equipped with all that is needed in life to take life experience as it is. Nothing more and nothing less, just it!