Incitement Growth & Incitement Kickstart

It’s 2013 and The Inciters are back again rolling! This time, Co-founder of Incitement, Zikry Kholil share’s his Street Talk style with 3 other guests who are founder of Incitement Growth and Incitement Kickstart. Not only that, Incitement has officially gone International! In this show, we also reveal the other cities who are starting their Incitement Movement and we dig in deep of the purpose of having Incitement Growth (empowering and helping refugees and less privilege people) and Incitement Kickstart (Open mic session for building your public speaking and ideation skills).

The Guests are:

Alexandra Nicorici, a natural-born globetrotter, a skateboarding enthusiast and a music lover, Alexandra is always looking for inspiration and ways to help people lead a rockstar life. Nicknamed “Froggy” by the team, the Advertising and PR graduate is loved for her energy and amazing vibe. She’s currently busy making people happy, grabbing every opportunity to learn and making the most of her Asian adventure.

Cynthia Wong joined the Incitement Growth team with volunteer experiences working with children across her native US, as well as Morocco, India, and Brazil. She’s eager to meet with the students of Fugee school every month, and excited to expand Incitement Growth’s reach to impact and empower every student we touch.

Thabit the completely spontaneous and fun loving entrepreneur in the making. Success and teaching it, is his passion. Having co-founded Incitement Growth, Thabit wants to make sure the secrets of success go public and scandulous, in every sector of the society. From children to adults, Thabit just has a way with words to motivate and inspire.

Incitement Kickstart is an public speaking event where you want to bring your friends because the environment is so cosy and friendly and you feel comfortable to throw away your inhibition and actually step up and be a public speaking rockstar. In Kickstarter we learn, we practice, we receive feedback and we make friends. All you need is the courage to save yourself a spot and step up in the role of a professional speaker.

Incitement Growth was founded as a way to expand the reach of the Incitement movement. We spread our passion for shared learning and collaboration to underprivileged children who can greatly benefit from our monthly visits filled with presentations, public speaking practice, games, activities, and more to get creative juices flowing and hopefully contribute to an overall enhanced performance in the classroom. We are currently partnering with Fugee Refugee School for Somalian children and working to expand our reach.

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