Incitement: Possibilities Are Endless

This time on ‘The Inciters’, co-founders of Incitement, Zikry Kholil and Daniel de Gruijter gives a preview of who’s speaking on the upcoming Incitement Event and what ‘epicness’ are they inciting to the world this time. Apart from that, the Co-founders of Incitement Youth, Yau Hui Min and Judy Ooi gives a little insight of what they do and how the Incitement Movement will deepen the positive impact immensely amongst University and College students.



Incitement Youth

Incitement Y! started out as a bridge to fill a gap in the community of their college. There simply weren’t enough avenues to hang out and share crazy ideas while taking action in the long-run. And so, Incitement Y! was born when Hui Min told Judy “You were right at the mamak. We’ve been given so much awesomeness, time to share!” So what exactly is Incitement Y! ? A platform to incite positivity by sharing inspiring ideas, dreams and visions and making real human connections towards collective action in the long-run! Also, whatever awesome thing you want it to be!

Yau Hui Mind and Judy Ooi, Co-founders of Incitement Youth

“Why don’t we bring Incitement to our college?” A realist at heart and objective in thought, it’s hard to believe such idealism could streak the words of Judy Ooi as she sat across the mamak chatting with Yau Hui Min. Then again, she believes herself to be multifaceted person with multifarious interests. This mindful teen has penchant for trying out new things and pushing boundaries while discovering her true self along the way. Fortunately or unfortunately, she’s also a reader, thinker, writer, debater and everything in between! Lastly, being an introvert makes her a better thinker and listener which makes her Hui Min’s long-lost soulmate. Kidding, partner-in-crime.

On the other hand, Hui Min has her head up in the clouds a little too much sometimes and likes seeing the world as how it could be. Step into her shoes for a day and you will see a world of equal opportunity for all, progressive change, innovation, creativity, unicorns and rainbows. Yes, unicorns rainbows. However, don’t be fooled by this energiser bunny’s near-constant state of child-like wonder. She believes in unlimited human potential and loves finding people who are awesome at what they do. After SPM, she took a long break to take progressive action with friends who shared her fluffy dreams and brought them to the ground. In 2012 she worked with Tandemic to get MyHarapan to sponsor Do Something Good, an online volunteering platform and went on to become co-founder of Selangor Model United Nations, the first independent 100% youth driven initiative of its kind in Malaysia. This year together with Judy, she’s pumped to bring Incitement Y! to the youths of Malaysia, and someday, the world!