How To Master Your Emotions

Emotions are the language of the Universe, and when we master them we can Consciously Create what is wanted faster, easier and with less effort.

Today Jana delves into several daily practices one can pursue that will help them master their emotions. And when we say master, we don’t mean ‘to not feel them.’ Quite the contrary: we mean utilize them, be guided by them, how to express and exhaust them (to make more space for peace), and use them for coming into alignment with what is wanted.

The benefits of Mastering One’s Emotions include more peace, more happiness and well being, the ability to create so-called BIG creations faster, creating less of the unwanted/unconscious creations and a much more abundant and wealthy life.

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“Life is meant to have passion, excitement, love and joy.  We are here to remember who we are and experience our greatness while experiencing everything we want.” ~Jana Moreno