Love Is In The Air: The Evolution of Intimate Relationships

Love is in the air is a new show hosted by Elke Wollschon, a German native, having being involved in alternative healing and lifestyle for more than 3 decades and curing herself from life threatening asthma, led her to follow her calling. She is now a highly qualified and passionate lifestyle and relationship coach.

Love Is In The Air will look at relationship in a wider and holistic manner and focus all around love and relationships, from being single and looking for that special someone, to couples that are just starting out, or have been together for some time, to the pain of breakups and how we can turn them into breakthroughs.

The first episode will cover the evolution of intimate relationships. An intimate relationship is too important to leave it to chance. And yet, how

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many people don’t give these most special relationships any thoughts, and many think that this would not even be the right thing to do. And that is the heritage of our parents and grand parents. Because they usually did not question how they felt. Boredom or lack of physical intimacy was never questioned. Fulfilment in the same sentence with marriage was not really heard of. Getting married was just something people do, missing totally out on a higher purpose.

If you would like Elke to address certain questions you might have around these topics, please send an email to and she will do her best to integrate them or find a way to answer.

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