Bawani The Courageous Activist

In this episode of Moments with Yellowshorts, Nicholas speaks to Ms. Bavani KS. Bawani, a name that many people in Malaysia have warmed up to after a viral video made its round through the social media, where she was talked down by a facilitatorCanada Goose Jackets in a forum held in a university. Her tenacity and convictions for free education and her revelation to the public canada goose madrid on the specter of political brainwashing in the highest corridors of Malaysia’s educational institutions.

Rather than focus on the controversial viral video, Nicholas decides to focus more on the person behind Bawani KS, her personal life story thus far, her drives and motivations as a social activist.

Hailing from the modest town of Air Kuning in the state of Perak, Bawani comes from a surprising political family makeup which will be revealed in the interview and has been involved in social and political activism all her life till now.

Her personal zeal for her cause for free education and her unabashed acknowledgement of being a stoic socialist has made her a folk hero in the eyes of typicalcanada goose parka mens Malaysian, yet Bawani wants nothing to do with this form of hero worship but sees it as another avenue to further her cause.

Showing that the youth of today is capable of creatingventa canada goose españameaningful opinions and holding their own in fighting for what is THEIR future in this country.