New Moon Healing Circle: Awakening the Dragon Within

This is a recording of a New Moon Healing Circle facilitated by Stephanie Van Driesen at Heartworks ( entitled “Awakening the Dragon Within – Making Peace with the Inner Fire” on Jan 11, 2013

As we come to the end of the auspicious Dragon year, we head into the aspect of the Serpent, the Kundalini fire, the blaze of consciousness within highlighted even more. We are called to step into our power one and all and be who are meant to be, no holds barred.

For many of us that means ruffling quite a lot of feathers along the way, and it’s the fear that keeps us from spreading the beautiful multi-coloured wings and soaring, despite what anyone says. They are just simply afraid of flying too, but don’t let that stop you.

This circle is intended to bring forth that sacred fire within each one of us, to burn brightly for all to see and be inspired by. But first we must be willing to take the risks and seize the moments of opportunity which are aplenty. (Abundance abounds, just dip in & drink!)

We will be accompanied by fire drakes, the elementals of fire, and beings of light from many dimensions of light. Their message is truly about fanning the flames within & taking back our power. Fire is also cleansing, and we have many things burnt off us as a way of shedding skin to awaken the new.

“Have you been feeling stuck in these times of new awakening/beginning? So much has been said to happen post-21 Dec and much more to come. But the KEY to success in this new time of greater love and feeling is to own who you are and go forth willingly in this beingness.

We come to you now from the North, the South, East & West. The Watchers of heaven’s gateways on Earth and we ask for you to join with us now, and step through. The time is now. We can assist you. But you must make the first steps. You are supported always.

Dust the old dreams and air them out anew – it is their time to shine! And so shall YOU! Love & Blessings ~”

~Message from the Fire Drakes of the North & Mother Earth through the channel Stephanie Van Den Driesen.