How to Manage Yaa-hoos?

In a galaxy closer than you thought, there is this planet. It’s name,! Akasaa is literally a “space”, a “gap” or an “permitting environment” for anything to happen.“ It’s the nothingness of the nothingness”, in the profound words of its pioneering founder- Angela Yap.

Voted as one of the Most Successful Women in 2012 and the much acclaimed Top 40 under 40 awards by Prestige Magazine have put the spotlight on the course Angela is championing. Angela is a living model of social enterprise that run its funding entirely on the sales of her book “Managing Yaa-hoos”, and Akasaa is committed to teach the underprivileged youth and empower the refugees in this country for free.

Angela is a graduate of the elite that has served the Big Four in her illustrative career. She took up the journey of the entrepreneurs to restore her faith in humanity that she has lost in the last global financial crisis. She now walked firmly in the path that does small changes with great cumulative impact.

Turning Green takes you closer to the SMALL ideas of ethics, business reform, social business, moral obligations to the “No Bodies” who change things, all in the name of the “Yaa-hoos”!

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