The Art of NLP: Anchoring for Life

In this segment about the Art of NLP, the listener gets to know Mohd Rizal Hassan of Take Charge Sdn. Bhd.

It actually is a rare opportunity to catch Rizal for such occasion since there are only a few days in a year when he is not engaged by companies to facilitate the learning for their staff.

Rizal is probably one of the most successful people offering Learning Facilitation and he attributes the power of his success to NLP, the core of everything he does in his personal and professional life.

He came in touch with NLP many years ago, when he had the chance to attend a programme by Anthony Robbins. This formed in him the idea that he could perform at a similar scale as this giant of the personal development industry. The next logical step was for him to look out for a NLP Practitioner Certification Programme followed by a NLP Master Practitioner Programme, which he took with Asia Mind Dynamics.

In this interview he shares insights of his tremendous success. He opens up and informs the listener of how he uses NLP before and during his programmes and how he enables the participants using NLP in a manner that their learning is not forgotten

after two days but stays with them for the years to come.

Rizal attended our NLP Master Practitioner Programme to overcome major challenges in his life and to bring his whole personal “being” to the next level.

As many people are not aware that there is a step beyond the basic NLP Practitioner Programme he also shares what he perceives to be the difference between a NLP Practitioner and a NLP Master Practitioner programme.

Ultimately he talks about the successes that came to him after attending the programme and how he now successfully conducts programmes beyond Malaysia’s shores in countries such as Brunei, Bangladesh or India.