The Art of NLP: In Sync with Business Partner

In this segment of the Art of NLP, Andreas speak to Wendy Lor and Yee Chai Li of Wendy Lor Artisans about their experiences in their personal and professional life after they underwent Asia Mind Dynamics’ training in NLP and Hypnosis.

These tools of the mind allow people to design their life they way they want and deserve it.  Many times people think that they can use NLP and Hypnosis to influence other people to “make them do things” and if it is possible to influence other people through certain techniques.  More significant however are the possibilities that people have when they make the changes within themselves first.

And Wendy and Chai Li went out all the way to make it happen.

Throughout their training, they worked on their deepest fears, and their own limiting beliefs. It was the fear of losing everything they build up, the fear of letting go, of not being good enough to succeed, of limiting resources and overwhelming challenges.

But once their breakthrough came and they discovered and learned to access their own inner resources, they were able to start reaching out, and building their dreams. And upon their discoveries, they were then able to start impacting the people around them and started to coach people in their organisation to step up and manage their own life.