2013: Water Snake – Year of New Beginnings

The Snake is often viewed as a cold-blooded poisonous reptile, but thankfully, in the study of metaphysics the Snake represents the Gateway Between Heaven and Earth. As such people will start to look inwards and become more in touch with their inner selves — 2013 is the year of new beginnings and new perspectives.

As the Snake contains the hidden element of Fire, Water Snake is a meeting of the two life-giving elements Water (rain) and Fire (sunlight). So this is the best time for rebirth, healing, and new projects. A great year to establish the new, true You.

Following this Part 1 of the CNY special, we will have a rundown on the 12 Animal Zodiacs!

Sherwin Ng has been an astrologer for the past decade, and is also a healer, author, and teacher of metaphysics, healing, and meditation. His workshops are specialized in manifestation, strengthening the energy body, and karmic healing. He is the founder of House of Kite, and works closely with the Atlantean and Poseidon energies.