Freedom Speaks: Creating Authentic Wealth with Florence Lam II

How would your life be different if you could befriend money?

Wherever you are in your financial situation it reflects your inner Relationship with Money!

So what are the 3 essential questions to kick start a new relationship with money?

Florence Lam has taken Financial Planning to another level. She is now a Professional Coach nurturing, empowering and transforming individuals and organizations with her inner game methodologies and AWAKE system. As a powerful agent of change and a transformational messenger, Florence passionately advocates that enriching relationship with money. Through the understanding of making peace with money, the realization will invite us to embrace our purpose, blossom our passion and we are truly empowered to express to our fullest potential with creativity and fun.

Florence is a thought partner for those who want to challenge their personal direction. She draws upon her 15 years of experience in training and coaching to support individuals to create and develop inner awareness. She believes that all individuals have the access to unlocking their deeper and powerful insight, self-awareness and self-acceptance. The coaching process will be life-changing. She constantly blogs at and in the hope that she can manifest her vision of seeing every person having a healthy self-image, who love and feel loved, while positively contributing to each other. Her motto is ONE EMPOWERED THOUGHT AT A TIME.

Due to her high-spirited nature, cheerfulness, authenticity and living-in-the-flow state her peers nicknamed her “Flow”. She has just completed writing her book on money habits and attitudes, Coach Yourself To Cash Unlimited with her co-authors. Currently she is working on another self-help book on personal development with the hope to encourage self-transformation for personal and work.

Florence is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credentialed by International Coach Federation (ICF), USA. She is the co-founder of Empower Coach Concepts, a boutique coaching company that enables performance transformation in people and organizations through empowering the greatness within. Florence is trained and certified in psychometric assessments such as Hogan Assessment and Trait Personality Inventory Assessment. She also holds the designation of Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Registered Financial Planner (RFP). With these two qualifications, she had built a successful career in financial advisory before becoming a professional coach. Due to her continuous professional development, she has gained considerable capability in using inner game methodology in her coaching practice. Her coaching style is heart-centered, value-based, holistic, and it completes the “whole person” experience.