Freedom Speaks: Practicing Compassion and Non-Violent Communication II

“Show him that he cannot hurt you and hold nothing against him, or you hold it against sildenafil online yourself. This is the meaning of “turning the other cheek”.” ACIM T5.IV.4:5-6

In our daily practice, whether it is at work or at home, our action is either love (loving) or a call for love. For this second session, Sharon shares with Chee Wah, the effects of Non-Violent Communication. A technique that is useful to create harmonious relationship with anyone, anywhere we may be. This technique is the work of Dr Marshall Rosenberg. In Nugget of Wisdom (NOW), Sharon and her business partner, Boon Ling, developed a tadalafil online corporate program called Communicate to Connect (C2C) based on Dr Marshall Rosenberg’s work.

Under usual circumstances, if someone shouts, the tendency is that the other person will get angry too. Two angry persons don’t solve the issue. Instead, choose to see that he/she has a need to sildenafil online be fulfilled. Then, use the principles of C2C, ie practice observation, feelings, needs and requests.

The techniques to create non-violent communication are easily said than done. But with awareness and practice, work on it moment to moment, we can learn to constantly ‘turn the other cheek’ to look at any situation with great love and compassion.

Sharon has 18 years of corporate experience in sales, marketing and human resources development; and 11 years of experience in conducting training programs.

She is a consulting partner in her Training and Consultancy firm, Nuggets of Wisdom Sdn Bhd, in short, it is known as NOW. Sharon specializes in communication programs such as the ever popular non-violent communication corporate program which she developed with her training partner.