Freedom Speaks: Practicing Compassion and Non-Violent Communication

“What you acknowledge in your brother you are acknowledging in yourself, and what you share you strengthen.” T5.III.3-5

Chee Wah speaks with Sharon Ng, who is Director of Nugget of Wisdom Sdn Bhd, about how people communicate and connect to create harmony at work. Based on some ideas from A Course In Miracles, this episode will shed light on practicing compassion and non-violent communication at work.

Firstly, let’s take a look at perception, how you perceive a situation will affect the outcome. In Sharon’s customer service program, she uses and NLP activity called Perceptual Chairs. In this exercise, the participants are asked to describe their own perception of a situation, taking another ‘chair’, now the participant will try to see the same situation from the other person’s point of view, then look at it again from a neutral perspective instead.

This episode will take you out of your disempowered mind-state to one that is empowering, from moment to moment. You will get it that whatever is happening is merely your perception and interpretation. You only need to choose to perceive it differently and act from a self-empowered and loving state.

A little more about Sharon. She has been in the training industry for close to twenty years now, sharing knowledge and skills about presenting and public speaking, service, business writing and training.

Her classes are usually fun and entertaining as she weaves in relevant true stories to help participants understand how to perform their jobs better. A question that bugged Sharon constantly was “Why do people keep falling into dysfunctional states of fear, worry, anger, anxiety, etc – states that affect performance negatively?” These are states that she has fallen into. Another question Sharon wanted an answer to was “What is a simple and effective way that I can teach participants to successfully apply in a wide range of situations?”

The answer that came was simple: Awareness. With awareness of our mind-state, we can choose an appropriate response to the situation rather than react in an automatic manner.

With the understanding and practice of awareness through meditation, Sharon and her business partners (Nugget of Wisdom Sdn Bhd) incorporate the concept of awareness in all their training programs. Some of the programs on offer are: Connect to Communicate,

Present with I.M.P.A.C.T., The Corporate Influencer and Transform the V.i.P.e.R Within.

Sharon is a trainer with the Human Resource Development Council, conducting the Train-the-Trainer program. She is also a writer and book editor.