How To Deal With Difficult People

It can seem that they are everywhere: difficult people in the workplace, in our family, in our in-laws’ family, our children can sometimes display difficult behaviour and even our closest loved ones can sometimes be difficult… or can they?

In this episode, Jana uncovers the truth behind ‘difficult’ people and how it is not only the perception of the beholder that creates difficulties, but also how it can be memories replaying in the subconscious mind. Luckily, all of this can be released which then reveals a completely new experience of the very people who once really pushed our buttons.

Tune in to see what you can do to instead experience ease, flow and harmony with all that we meet.

“Only through 100% responsibility can a person come fully into power and create that which is desired.  The key is to realize what the problem is and how to rectify it.” ~ Jana Moreno

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