Love Is In The Air: Singles Looking for That Special One Part 1

If you would like to be in a relationship and you are not, it is time to start investigating the reasons and taking a real honest look at the status quo of your love life.

How well do you know yourself? This is the most important step before you embark onto the relationship with your beloved. All the dating advise will not get you the ultimate result, if you are not clear on who you are, what creates your experience, what exactly do you want in the context of relationship. If you just want to get married”, or if you just want to find a playmate, dating advise can get you there. If you would like to find out what it would be like to find not just a mate, but a soul mate, what it would be like not just to have a ring on your finger, but to live your vision of love fulfilled, what it would be like not just to settle, but to thrive beyond your wildest dreams and expand who you are as a human being

This segment is dedicated to the singles.

Love is in the air is a new show hosted by Elke Wollschon, a German native, having being involved in alternative healing and lifestyle for more than 3 decades and curing herself from life threatening asthma, led her to follow her calling. She is now a highly qualified and passionate lifestyle and relationship coach.

If you would like Elke to address certain questions you might have around these topics, please send an email to and she will do her best to integrate them or find a way to answer.

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