Dominique Lyone: Be a Responsible and Focused Entrepreneur

In this segment of MIG Drill, we have Agent J speaking with Dominique Lyone, founder and managing director of COS, a leading office products dealership within the Australian market, which began operating in 1977. The business exceeds revenues over $100 million and services clients from both major corporate, and government agencies. He was also nominated at the Entrepreneur of the Year in Australia in 2010 by Ernst & Young.

60% of this business is through ecommerce transactions, on their award winning website COSnet. The business consists of over seven distribution centres with 10,000 SKU’s in each, all supporting the value added proposition – order before 6pm and receive delivery of your order the next day.

Dominique has been facilitating Money & You® programs since 1992, and took on the master Instructor position of the Business School for Entrepreneurs® in 1999. Dominique’s style is engaging, entertaining, sometimes confronting, and with a particular ability of getting to the core of the issue. Before his great accomplishment and success in business he was based in Sydney and basically sold to companies within a 100 miles radius. His company currently has offices in major cities in Australia, and if he wishes, he has the opportunity to branch out to the cities where he teaches M&Y or where there are graduates of the program.