An Expatriate View on Malaysia

One hot issue is, a vast majority of Malaysians want to know what the expatriate community thinks about Malaysia. Find out what Mathew Bellotti, the Chief Content Officer of Mongoose Publishing Sdn. Bhd. has to say about Malaysia. Mongoose group have existed for more than 20 years. However, in Malaysia Mongoose was established in 2003 with its first publication, ‘Expatriate Lifestyle Magazine.’ Other works include: Esquire Malaysia, Golf Vacations, multiple award winning collections of Time Out. For the record, Time Out was awarded ‘The Best Consumer Magazine In The World’ – 2010/2011.

In the interview, Matt gave us an insight on why he set up shop in Malaysia and also providing valuable feedback on cross-cultural management challenges in Malaysia. Matt  uses the S.W.O.T. approach which simply means strengths, weakness, opportunities & threats. His feedback is based on his experience and wisdom he gained while living and working in Malaysia. Matt elaborates how he has taken various challenges and turned them to a success story. Plenty of take homes for the expatriate community living in Malaysia.