The Art of NLP: Turned My Life Around

In this segment for about the Art of NLP, Andreas interviews Jonathan Quek of True North Asia. Jonathan is Asia’s Youngest Wealth Coach and author of the book “Why Gold, Why Silver, Why Now”.

Jonathan shares with the audience that when he how long for zoloft to work joined Asia Mind Dynamics’ NLP Practitioner Training in 2007, his life was on a crossroad. Jonathan originally studied IT. As many young people do, he spent his time playing computer games, reading comics and was basically unmotivated in his studies.

He then realised that he needed to make changes to his life. As a first step, he read plenty of self-help books, including books by Anthony Robbins. Along the way, he found out that many of these authors took up NLP at some time in their life.

At that point he decided to take up NLP to turn his life around.

Many people take a NLP training, to increase their influence, build better relations or reach the next promotion in their career. This is okay as these are areas to which NLP can be applied easily.

But there can be more to it and Jonathan demonstrated in his development after the training that he uses NLP for personal and professional transformation. He says that it is about practicing the learning after the training and he started off immediately by sharing his knowledge with the his father’s employees, approached colleges to share his knowledge with students and started to design his life the way he wanted it.

But in the interview with Andreas, Jonathan actually reveals his secrets to success.

Listen in to see what you can do to make the changes you want as well.

More on Jonathan, he is an exciting entrepreneur, best-selling author, and financial speaker; founder and CEO of True North Asia and director of four other private companies & ventures.

As an entrepreneur, Jonathan owns and runs several businesses in development banking, precious metals trading, financial education and how does cialis cost training. He is also the youngest financial author in Malaysia with the best selling book ‘Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?’. In the process of writing his book, he had the privilege of interacting with investment experts such as Jim Rogers, Richard Duncan, James Turk, Shaykh Umar Vadillo and Peter Hug.

As a regular guest speaker on the conference circuit, Jonathan Quek has been invited to speak at financial institutions, corporate organizations, education institutions both in Malaysia and internationally.

Jonathan holds an honors degree in Computer Science from Coventry University. As an undergraduate, he has achieved almost every award available in INTI International University such as Scholarship Award, Excellence Award, Merit Award, College Colors Award, Chairman of Top Sports Club of the Year, and many more.

You can Come connect with him at or send an email to