Freedom Speaks: Love All Serve All

“I thought I will help many people to be successful when I am successful,” Sam Low, Chairman of Edmark Group of Companies, remembered his earlier intention.

In a candid interview with Chee Wah, Sam explained his misperception about helping others to succeed in life. “But, I realized that what I actually wanted was recognition from my family, relatives and friends although in my mind, I was thinking of helping others.”

Sam started his company in Malaysia in 1985. The most remarkable accomplishment of Edmark Group of Companies is the creation of business and job opportunities in a foreign land. Even though he didn’t know anyone in the Philippines, he moved his business there in 1989. He single-handedly conducted live product demonstrations in many major shopping centers in Manila with his innovative household products. When he met a musician later, two of them rented a house in St Ignatius Village in Manila and started what is now a trading company with over 500 staff in the Philippines.

Edmark’s patented Super Slicer, a kitchen tool that has now become an indispensable equipment in every household, has been exported to more than 25 countries since 1994.

The company branched out to produce health supplements and the products were marketed using the multi-level marketing system in the Philippines. Within a few years, business expanded, superseding expectation. They started to manufacture the health supplements on their own from their factory in Malaysia.

With the company’s phenomenal success, however, Sam felt the pressure. His health took a dip and his relationship with his family was strained. In silence, he sensed something was not right, how could he run a successful business on one hand and on the other, his relationship with his family was compromised?

He began to ask, is there a way that he could be successful both in his business and truly having a harmonious family relationship? Could we have the whole cake and eat it too?

In his quest, as the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Listen to Sam’s journey of self-discovery when he begins walking the path of practicing self-love and understanding the universal values of “Love All, Serve All”.