Helping Angels: Happiness Is A Choice

Poesy connects with Kim Auer Nash, who at 24 years old lost her father, mother, brother, grandmother and family pet in a private plane crash that she was meant to be on. Within the span of 7 months, Kim escaped death 3 times, first in a boating accident where she lost a family friend, the fatal plane crash and an attack by a murder suspect who dragged her across a parking lot soon after she lost her family.

She survived the tragedy and moved forward in life over the last 2 decades, became an entrepreneur, raised a family and is now a motivational speaker who reminds us to value life everyday.

Kim conveys a positive message that we all have the potential to survive in the life we have been given by using PERSEVERANCE, focusing on a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, ADAPTING to life’s constant CHANGES and most important, Believing In Yourself. The CHOICE is ours to take, if we choose to do so.