Helping Angels: What’s Your Style of Compassion

Poesy was one of the 5 mentors for the 2012 project by Women:girls, a women empowerment initiative co-founded by Ngai Yuen in conjunction with International Women’s Day. Listen to their refreshing chat about lacking kindness and how life has brought compassion into their path, also covering different styles of practising compassion and how sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind.

In this episode, Ngai Yuen, an all round creative leader, award winning director, actor, mother of 4 and head of Kakiseni, opens up to share her thoughts with us.


For International Women’s Day 2013, Women:girls presents p force fort online to the Malaysian public the latest campaign called Ikal Mayang, with 15 short films by 15 non-traditional famous female directors telling women’s stories from their own perspectives.