Economic Management during Political Transition

If the opposition were to wrest power, a key question that remains in the air is the fate of Malaysia”s economy in the wave of transition. How can we ensure that economic policies remain inclusive? What are the values and objectives that will guide the transition? Will the free market be Malaysia”s destiny? Dominic speak to Tricia Yeoh Su-Wan, Research Director Of Institute Rakyat, to get her feedback on the forum.

The above forum online casino was held to address these questions at a leading hotel in the city on 12 March 2013. The panelist were Prof.fake hublot watches  Anwar Nasution, Professor Of Economics, Universitas Indonesia, Azrul Azwa, Chief Economist, Islamic bank, Prof. Woo Wing Thye, Executive Director, Penang Institute and the moderator Dr. Wong Chin-Huat, Fellow, Penang Institute. This forum was jointly organized by Penang Institute, Islamic Renaissance Front and Institute Rakyat.