Malaysian International Guitar Fest

The multi-instrumentalist Eizaz Azhar, Vice Chairman of MIGFest and Executive Secretary of World Youth Jazz Fest is here to sprinkle some sparkle on MIGFest and World Youth Jazz Festival with Nell

MIGFEST (Malaysian International Guitar Festival) is an international music festival which showcases a variety of guitarists and luthiers. Founded and organized back in 2007 by Mr. Jeffrey Yong with the assistance and support from the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, it is a prestigious and publicized musical festival which is biggest of its kind in South East Asia region.

The objective of this festival is not only to bring together both international and local guitar enthusiast but also to enable participants to share experience, expertise and knowledge with regards to the guitar. Besides musical performances, the festival also acts as a platform for luthiers and vendors to present their handcrafted guitars to the public and delegates who are attending.

MIGFEST 2013 will be hosting artists and exhibitors from more than 15 countries. Some of the world’s best international guitar players such as Don Alder, Akihiro Tanaka, Adam Del Monte, Huang Chia Wei, Shun Ng, Dan Lavoie, Roger Wang, Grigory Novikov and many more will be performing and sharing their expertise to participants in this region.

Date: 26 – 29 Mar 2013
Venue: Kompleks Kraf Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Conlay
Time: 11.00 am – 6.00 pm
Entrace: Free
Contact: 012 6714841 Jeffrey Yong / 0193634033  Nik Azmi