Helping Angels: Pay It Forward Through Communication

To commemorate Pay It Forward day on 25 April, Poesy speak to Dr Ethan Becker on the influence of media and communications in random acts of kindness.

Dr. Ethan F. Becker has helped leaders of countries, leaders of companies, and with people all through out all levels in organizations who speak as a part of what they do. In areas of leadership communication, sales communication, customer service, to many other environments for which communication skill is required.

He has helped such organizations such as Harvard University, the New York Giant’s, Suria KLCC, the FBI, and many others as well as countless individuals in all walks of life. His firm has helped over 1million people world wide since it opened in 1964, and Ethan is currently the second generation looking at how to help heal the world through communication into the next generation. ”

His book Mastering Communication At Work is an international best seller and is in it’s 4th printing. It is used by schools such as Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Fitchburg State University, and countless organizations.