Love Is In The Air: Singles Looking For That Special One Part 2

Are you actually ready to receive your ultimate partner? The usual response to this question is: of course I am ready! But just because we desire this relationship so much, does not equal being ready for it.

However in most cases we have not completed our past and healed our relationship wounds. These wounds could come for example from unresolved resentments towards ex-lovers. As long as we feel resentful, we have not learned our lesson. As long as we are blaming our ex-lovers for how bad they treated or behaved towards us, we are not ready for a new experience with someone new. As long as we are blaming, we hold ourselves as victims of the other person’s behavior. That leaves us rather powerless. In order to take our power back, we have to take first (here we go again) 100% responsibility for our experience and this will allow us to become really curious in our part of co-creating these situations!

Love is in the air is a new show hosted by Elke Wollschon, a German native, having being involved in alternative healing and lifestyle for more than 3 decades and curing herself from life threatening asthma, led her to follow her calling. She is now a highly qualified and passionate lifestyle and relationship coach.

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