Shanghai Jazz Redefined

Janet Lee, the Shanghai Jazz go-to-girl in town, celebrates the immortal and beautiful music of the Golden Shanghai in more ways than one – singing the Shi-dai-qu repertoire with verve and great gusto, and chasse all over in her vintage Qi-paos. She has been performing the Shi-dai-qu repertoire since 2009 and developing her unique brand of Shanghai Jazz with various reputable jazz musicians.

This time round Janet dives further into the vast repertoire of Chinese oldies, she promises a fresh songlist that boasts songs from over five decades. Working with bandleader and founder of jazz band WVC Trio, Tay Cher Siang, they will be playing renditions of songs made popular by Gealan, Yao Shu-Yong, Teresa Teng, Bai Kwang, Zhou Xuan and a few original tunes for Janet’s debut album. This June, Janet will be performing at the 7th KK Jazz Festival (KKJF) with WVC Trio + 1, the Alexis audience will get to sample a taste of their festival repertoire, first hand.