Creating Pipelines of Cashflow with Purchase of Crude Oil

Henry Kissinger once said, “Control oil & you control the nations.”

Today’s demand of oil is outpacing supply by way of a widening margin. As China, India and other Asian countries project their economy to grow 10% each year for the next decade, they are gobbling up iron ore for new skyscrapers and machines, and buying as much crude oil as they can to heat houses and fill gas tanks. No countries can modernize without plain simple crude oil. When economies grow, you know that it is time to invest in oil & gas.

In this episode of Wealth Insider Show, Jonathan invites Candice Lee; sales director of Capital Asia Group (Malaysia) who had just returned from Canada to share her amazing experience visiting producing oil fields in Calgary and meetings with strategic partners like Sproule & Schlumberger.

Candice also shares how by just purchasing physical worth of crude oil is able to provide you the leverage to protect against the impact of high and rising inflation and most importantly, provide regular cash flow.

You will also learn how Jonathan & Candice minimize their risk by staying away from new oil wells exploration and instead, focus in company who only acquires producing oil wells that can be optimized with Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) to bring their output to full potential. This also means a secure business model in an otherwise volatile world.

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